When I walk into Black Eye Coffee in Lower Highlands I notice a lot of things all at once. Ample comfortable seating, a tall airy ceiling, a large bar accommodating a Synesso Hydra and pour-over brewing, friendly baristas, great old-school decoration, a quiet and relaxed vibe, and an attention to coffee quality to beat the band.

They serve Boxcar as their mainstay espresso and pour-over. But, they’re furthering what seems to be becoming a Denver tradition: a strong rotating second roaster offering for both espresso and pour-over. Lately, I’ve had Ceremony and Ritual at Black Eye, and it’s been a very welcome introduction to out-of-town roasters that I hadn’t tried before.

They also have something you won’t see too often in a coffee shop: a small area in the back that is a tiny grocery store of sorts with interesting and unexpected sweet and savory items. They know their chocolate here too: they have an interesting assortment of single-origin chocolates.

I’ve been impressed at their consistency and quality. I usually order a Cortado out of their rotating espresso, and I’ve yet to have one that isn’t top notch. Plus, they also serve decaf espresso, which many quality shops shun. A big thanks to Black Eye for not omitting it: presenting a quality decaf option is a nice touch.

So, the next time you’re in Denver around Highlands, I’d recommend stopping in at Black Eye. Make sure to check out the awesome boxing-Kangaroo mural on the side of the building. But, most of all, grab your favorite coffee drink. Maybe try a new roaster. Sit back, and enjoy.