[Originally from the Flying Five Coffee blog from 2004-2009]

Here at Flying 5 Coffee, you’ll see many more single origin coffees than blends — ie, coffees composed of only one type of bean. That’s because of our “Taste The Bean” philosophy. In short, we love tasting what the world’s coffees have to offer on their own. We love connecting what we’re drinking with where it came from, where it was grown and how it was picked and handled.

The people in the wine world call this “terroir”, which roughly translated means “from the soil.” They mean that a particular wine’s taste comes from where the grapes were grown, what the soil is like, what the climate is like, and how they are handled when they are picked. Coffee is the same way — all the same factors contribute to how coffee tastes.

So, we like to let the beans speak for themselves for the most part. That way, if you’re having a cup of Brazil, you can connect to that South American country in a way you couldn’t if we called it “House Blend.” Or, if you’re drinking an Ethiopian Sidamo, you can think about the legend of a goat herder’s dancing goats discovering coffee in the first place.

That’s not to say that we don’t have any blends — we do. Even when we blend different coffees to create a new taste though, we’ll tell you what’s in the blend so can still “Taste the Bean.